Be Baptized Immediately, World Mission Society Church of God

The day you spent in vain is tomorrow that the one who died yesterday longed for!
There are two kinds of people before this phrase. Some people pass their precious today, while others long for tomorrow. Which group do you belong to? Maybe the latter because people lead a vague life being in fear of their life.
There’ll be no doctor who leaves an injured person behind for six months, or even for a year. Even a second is very important for an emergency patient. We all are sinners who had committed grievous sins in heaven’s kingdom(Ro. 6:23). It’s natural for heavenly sinners to face death even in an hour. Baptism is truly needed for us because it washes our sins away.
According to Jesus’ will, the saints of the Early Church baptized people who wanted to be saved regardless of time and place – on the way, in deep night or on the Sabbath. This is the same in the age of the Holy Spirit! How about receiving the grace of salvation through baptism in Zion, where the Savior dwells? It’s God’s will to be baptized immediately!

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